4 Live Training Calls for Unity – mastering tricky Danish sounds

6.000,00 DKK

During these 4 calls (on Zoom) where you can participate from home (and your kids too if they want)

we will not only go through the 4 most challenging sounds for you (you get to vote for these)

we will also do exercises which help you correct your pronunciation and feel much more confident speaking Danish.


The calls will be on a monday from 17.00-18.30 or on a saturday afternoon from 14-15.30.


4 Live Training Calls Danish Pronunciation for Unity

Do you also struggle With the danish vowels and numbers

  • like the numbers 13-30-60 where the tr-combos make your tongue twist?
  • like the y-sound in “syg”, “by”, “ny”?
  • like the soft d-sound in “hedder”, “med”, “mad”, “hvid”, “rød”, “brød”?
  • like the ø-sound in words like Øresund

Do you avoid speaking Danish because you feel embarrased trying to get these sounds right?

Do you experience the Danes switching to English fast as lightning

when you DO gather your courage and try your best Danish on them?


Then you are completey normal and share this trouble with a lot of other expats, living in DK

I have seen this so often during the past 6 years of teaching expats Danish and, therefore,

I have developed a system to help you get over these hurdles.

Questions? – Call me at 2072 0475

or write me at hs @ inhousedanish.dk



  • the booking procedure is like this
  1. We agree on dates and times for the calls
  2. You pay in my webshop
  3. I send you an order confirmation and an invoice
  4. we are up and running



Danish Confidence booster


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